August 2, 2013

A Prayer Request

I have been wanting to do nice normal blog posts but it seems as if it just isn't meant to be for a while. My Precious has turned two and we had a lovely if not-at-all-as-planned party for her (I hope to do a post about that sometime), but on the day of her party I learned that my older first cousin, David, had passed away. He had been suffering from a rare liver disease called Budd Chiari Syndrome and had not been diagnosed with it for long at all. It has been a huge shock to his family, especially his mother. I did not know him, really, because he has lived such a long way away, but everyone has always spoken very highly of his kindness and gentleness, and that is a rare thing in a man these days. May his soul be in peace.

So my mother, who shall henceforth be called Mama, went to be with her for this weekend for David's memorial. My daddy went too of course. I was worried about this trip to Tennessee and kept asking my parents to be careful, but I figured I was probably just being silly. Tonight we got a phone call from my daddy saying that Mama had taken a bad step out of a shower, of all things, and broken her ankle. It turns out it is broken in three places and bones were dislocated in the fall as well. So tomorrow she is going to have to have surgery so that her ankle can be put back together with screws.

Everything happens to Mama! She has been kicked by a horse, she has fallen through a floor, thrown off of a different horse, struck by lightning, bitten by a rattlesnake, had a small stroke, and now this. I cannot stand to think about how much pain she has probably gone through with this ankle, and am praying that her pain medicine will actually work.

So I am asking for prayers for her tomorrow morning as she is operated on in a state far away from us, and prayers for a safe trip back home with as little pain as possible. My daddy has asked me to come and stay and help take care of her when they return, so prayers that I will be useful and not a hindrance as I try to do Mama's chores, take care of Mama, and take care of my little one all at once would be much appreciated too! Finally, Mama teaches Pre-K and school will start again soon. She will have to begin her school year teaching a roomful of 4 year olds while wearing a cast and crutches...I am thinking that this will not be easy. Prayers, please?

I am not sure when I will be able to be back on just keeps getting nuttier by the minute! Just be assured that I have all sorts of fun things cooked up in my head for whenever I actually have some time to do them.

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