April 23, 2013

Are You Ready for the Barbecue at Twelve Oaks?

Whether it feels like spring or summer to you, chances are that eating outdoors plays into your upcoming plans. For me, the prospect of outdoor dining of course brings back memories of hamburgers cooked over the homemade cinder-block grill, Kool-Aid, and mosquito bites. Thanks to my mama, though, it also makes me think of Scarlett O'Hara.

My mama is a Gone With the Wind addict. She collects pretty much anything relating to the book, the movie, and the setting. I grew up surrounded in memorabilia, sure that I would absolutely hate the story. In spite of my hardest efforts, when I finally gave it a try I didn't. The book was a lot of fun and the movie, while not being my favourite, is quite good. So anyway, this one is for you, Mama!

At the beginning of Gone With the Wind, Scarlett is getting ready to go to the big barbecue at Twelve Oaks, where she hopes Ashley Wilkes will propose to her. Despite her father's warnings that the Wilkeses always marry other Wilkeses, she shows up in a low-cut green gown that shows off her green eyes as well as other assets. It is quite the scandal as low-cut gowns are only worn at evening. Like Venus victorious, Scarlett entrances every man around--until she is asked to congratulate Ashley on his engagement to his sweet, saintly cousin Melanie. Even exposing one's bosom in daylight cannot defeat family tradition. And so begins Scarlett's long battle against fate.

The beautiful dress Scarlett wore to the barbecue, as depicted in the classic movie with Vivienne Leigh in the lead role, is so iconic that just about every woman has wanted to wear it at one point or another. It is awfully pretty.

As we see when the ladies (except Scarlett)all take their naps, the clothes underneath that dress are beautiful too. Who wouldn't dream of wearing this?

Over 10 years ago, McCalls came out with sewing patterns so that those of us who can sew could make that dream come true. Though Mama encouraged me not to, I bought those patterns. It was not so much because this was a style I liked--the huge skirts would make me look very short and fat!--but because they represent such an interesting time in history. And of course, because I knew I would look awful in the clothes, I never made them. For years the patterns have sat in my filing cabinet. Until now.

Now I am putting them up for sale on Etsy.

Here's the dress!

UNCUT Southern Belle Barbecue Dress Pattern

And here are the undergarments! I actually like them better than the dress.

UNCUT Southern Belle Undergarments Pattern

Now here's the really fun part! If you buy them both, I will ship them to you for FREE. Yep, free shipping! It may not be Ashley Wilkes, but it is pretty nice, right?

See the listings for more details!

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