February 27, 2013

Full of News, Explosions, and So Much More!

I probably won't be doing any new blog posts for a few days at least. The (good) surprise for 200+ posts is still in the works but on hold.

The reason is that my wisdom tooth exploded (surprise!) due to an abscess I didn't know I had (surprise!) and a dentist who was no good at all, so I am going to have it along with a lot of other teeth removed-- if we can afford it, all four wisdom teeth and two molars will be taken out tomorrow afternoon. I have a feeling I may not be quite up to par for a bit after this.

The good thing is, now that the abscess has blown my tooth to pieces, I am not having migraines 24/7 anymore. Except for feeling extremely tired and worn out due to all of the poison in my system, I actually feel better than I have in quite a while. This stupid tooth has been ruining my life! Even better, it looks as if I will be able to go back on some new medicine that was helping my mood swings, because the problems I thought it was causing are clearly the tooth's fault.

After this, I will not have many teeth left for chewing food, but I will figure out something, even if it means making steaks into shakes! Maybe I could even make a cookbook full of recipes for people who are largely toothless.

Always look on the bright side of life *whistles.*

Think of me and pray for me please--I am NOT looking forward to this.



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  1. Yikes... I feel your pain! Maybe they can put some implants back there if you're short on tusks. Pretty expensive, though, I'd imagine. I found myself eating a LOT of soup when that happened to me.
    Glad it ended your migraines! Those are HORRIFIC. Hope you feel better and better! Be well & keep creating! :-)


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