November 3, 2012

Hope for All of Us Fashion Wannabes

Every now and then you hear one of those success stories about how someone went from rags to riches thanks to their incredible talent and good luck. This is one of them, and yet it isn't. This is the story of how an African-American Texas postman became the only American to ever design for Hermes, but also of how he has continued to be a postman and experienced mind-rending tragedy. As you will see his work is very unusual and hauntingly beautiful. A few examples from his website follow.

This is my favourite of his Hermes scarves.
How a Texas Postman Became an Hermes Designer

Not all of his works are scarf designs of course. He also does incredible paintings on various themes, largely religious.


And I Saw Heaven Open and Behold a White Horse..


I find this one particularly fascinating.

Beneath a Pale Destroying Angel a Mouse Kneels Devouring an Apple Before Silent Angel Trumpets

The horrific tragedy that turned Oliver's life upside down has inspired many dark works. I cannot help but think that this is one of them.

Skeleton Running Before Ominous Clouds

There is something intimate in his work, as if we are being allowed a glimpse into his battles with faith and reason and the evil that abounds in this world.

If that one doesn't get to you, you are probably dead.

Make sure you read Kermit Oliver's fascinating story here, to learn what his methods are and what his life has been. I'm hoping someone, preferably Mr. Oliver himself--will make a book about his life and works. I would love to read it!
How a Texas Postman Became an Hermes Designer

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