November 2, 2012

Get Ready to Party!

For most people, the holidays mean parties. Honestly, for me they don't. But let's pretend that they do just for the fun of it.

I love that twenties-style dresses are becoming easier to find. Here are two great ones from ShopRuche.
Gatsby Lace Drop Waist Dress

Fleurs de Nuit Tiered Dress

These dresses remind me of my all-time favourite movie, Singin in the Rain! And that brings me to this dress, which is covered in music. (Actually, there are some really neat swing dresses with musical notes on them in the movie during the montage that leads into "Beautiful Girl" and I've been wanting one of my own ever since I first saw that movie at age 5 or 6).

In the Key of Chic Dress

For a slightly more practical (for winter) option, I love this fun long-sleeved dress.

Dotted-Sleeve Solid Dress

Stars are trending at the moment, which is great because I've been collecting star jewelry and fabric for ages. Anyway, here's a great dress that will allow most shapes of women to look like stars. Sorry, bad puns aboundtoday. Be glad you don't have to live with me!

Glamorama Turquoise Star Print Pocket Dress

Dig For Victory's official Christmas 2012 dress is a lot of fun with its dirndl styling and dramatic fabric. Just remember that the sizing is British!

Red and Gold Imperial Print Heidi Dress

Finally, if you're looking for something a little over the top for a holiday party, I can't imagine anything better than this velvet gown from Poor Pitiful Pearl. It also gets props for looking incredibly comfortable.

Long Velvet Oxy Dress

Yay! I managed to make a list without a single "little black dress" on it. That just might be a fashion miracle!

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