September 24, 2012

11th Doctor Style

Years ago, I decided to update my wardrobe with pieces inspired by the 11th Doctor, who is something of a style icon for me.

He IS the Doctor

I even came up with an outfit that I decided was what the Doctor would wear if he regenerated as a female.

Most of my outfit came from thrift stores; a very kind librarian gave me the bow tie. I found blue braces at Hot Topic. And yes, I have worn this outfit to church and out with my husband.

Here's another version. I noticed that Matt Smith wears a fedora in real life, and since I'm a fedora nut already, I added one to my doctor-inspired outfit. I ended up in jeans because I only have so many woolen skirts.

(In case you're curious, Doldin and I were in front of a larger-than-real-life cross section of the H.L. Hunley submarine).

I also noticed that in real life, Matt Smith seems to love another of my favorite accessories: the long pearl necklace.

It is tucked in his shirt in this one but is visible.

I love that he is willing to break the rules and wear something that men normally are afraid of.

Anyway, being pregnant didn't stop me from trying out the fedora, rocker-ish tee shirt, and pearl necklace idea.

If you don't want to invest in individual wardrobe items but would like to cosplay the 11th Doctor, I just found the coolest option!

Doctor Who 11th Doctor Jumper

Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith Jumper

This way everything is in one piece--just throw it on and go! How clever is that?

Now to find a fez...

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