August 18, 2012

What's Wrong with this Picture?

I was going through my old magazines the other day when I noticed this ad on the back of one. It immediately struck me that something was very odd.
The first thing I noticed is that the man is videotaping a closeup view of the woman's neck. Then I saw the position of the cigarette. Yep, she is holding her cigarette on top of the dude's head, so ash and sparks are going to be dropping all down his back. That looks safe. Our friend James was the first to point out that this woman is, for reasons unknown to us, wearing boxer shorts with ducks all over them over what seems to be thermal underwear. Weird enough yet? But wait, there's more! Why on earth does the cinematographer guy have a BOXING GLOVE thrown over his shoulder? Apparently this is the sort of bizarre lifestyle we will get if we smoke Virginia Slims! All I can ask is, what was the creator of this ad smoking?

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