The Precious

I tried to make this a blog without baby pictures but I just can't do it. Maybe when you see the pics you'll understand why. I have the sweetest, most beautiful baby on earth!

Spaghetti Sauce Pictures (8-9-2012):

The Precious likes her lasagna baby food!

"Where did I throw my bowl this time?"

"I'm getting tired of eating--let's play Peekabo!"
"Can you clean me up, Mommy? I think I'm a little messy."

The Artist at Work (8-10-2012)

I am trying to let the Precious have the chance to draw at least once a day. She is still getting the hang of what crayons are and what they do, but at least she doesn't look at me anymore as if I'm doing black magic when I show her how they make marks on the paper!

She likes to drink and draw at the same time.

When she decides to taste the rainbow, that means she's done drawing.
The finished masterpiece.
She is happy with her work.
In case you're curious, here is where I got the crayons she is using.

Peekabo Time!