March 26, 2013

Make An Easy Stamp

I am so sorry I haven't made a post about the next steps of my obsession journal. The reason is that I have not actually done anything more because I have a problem. I want to put an image on the front of it, but I can't think of an image to represent obsession! Is obsession an all-consuming fire? A zombie that eats your brain? It certainly isn't a butterfly.

If you have any ideas, let me know!

In the meantime, I am getting ready to make my own rubber stamps for a Swap-bot swap. While this is not a rubber stamp, I think it looks very easy and fun to make. But then, that is what you can always expect from Haley at The Zen of Making!

Tutorial Wine Cork Button Stamp

NEVER throw away a wine cork! There are so many things you can make from them. I am looking forward to trying this and will share the results as soon as I get the chance.

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