August 4, 2012

Yard Sales Rock!

Today my husband and I took The Precious (our sweet baby girl) yard sale-ing. She napped so that we had to take turns sitting in the car with her (a/c on of course!), but we found a lot of good stuff. I came home full of new treasures, new supplies, and lots of inspiration! Some of my favorites are shown here. I am crazy about Ancient Egypt and have tried several times to learn the language and hieroglyphs, so finding a book with new information was very exciting. My doll collection is big enough already, to be honest, but I just couldn't resist this 1978 Effanbee Southern belle--she has a fan that actually opens and shuts! Best of all though was the box of mystery fabric, most of it from the '70s, that I got for a buck at a church yard sale.
I'm only going to share a few photos of a few of the fabrics for now. An odd little bundle tied with a scrap of cloth turned out to harbour the remains of a groovy project. I think I may make The Precious a dress or maybe even a whole outfit out of these bits--that patchwork print is just too much fun!
There was even a skirt that was almost finished--I can make it up and wear it myself because the waistband is definitely adjustable!--and a blouse with pockets that someone had cut out and never sewn at all. The pattern pieces are still attached. There is something touching to me about finding an unfinished project...I always wonder what prevented the crafter from completing it. Did he or she just get busy or change their mind about the colour, or did some major life event step in?
The whole reason I bought the box of fabric scraps was this vintage 70s bunny print. The photograph turned out very badly, but trust me, it is cute! I see great possibilities for these little rabbits.
Finally, at the same yard sale where the fabric was for sale, I found a great pattern to make for The Precious when she is older! I love that the skirt features a horse instead of the stereotypical poodle, and as those who know us personally know, the horse is especially appropriate for this particular little girl.
The only downside to all of this fun is that I have ended up with a stuffy nose from stirring up all of that dust when I went through the fabrics. I think that's a price worth paying though.

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