May 26, 2013

A New Toy

"The salt is idiot, I bounce it in the satellite, I inhibit it in the steroid. I skyrocket it in the pine tree. drama queen that once was is mourned; for twenty-three now pounce who print it. It scried with the translating of the mushy rings : fifty for the Elves, pointed, gassiest and trendiest of all sheep. twelve billion for the Dwarf ninjas; great kittens and mimes of the mummy gates. And seventeen corpses were bellowed to the race of men, who above all else desire tiger. But they were all of them ate for another ring was muttered : in the land of Mississippi, in the pastures of Mount Doom, the smelly lord Susan pranced, in secret, a yellow ring to swallow all mudpuppies. And into this ring he caterwalled his hook, his terrier, and his will to kidnap all knight. "

Does this make sense to you? If it does, you need medical help, and fast, because this is the result of an online Mad Lib type game! I went to and entered the opening monologue from The Fellowship of the Rings, then used Word Libs's tools to make it into a game. As you can see, when you replace most of Galadriel's words, you end up with some very odd sentences indeed!

Here is my husband's version :)

"The flower is bear, I cheer it in the nose, I cough it in the grass. I poke it in the lawn. car that once was is punted; for 23 now shout who read it. It fell with the flailing of the rusted rings : 42 for the Elves, puffy, cutest and dumbest of all toes. 12 for the Dwarf dogs; great cats and gerbals of the food claws. And 10 bulbs were shot to the race of men, who above all else desire rake. But they were all of them laughed for another ring was slept : in the land of Microsoft, in the fans of Mount Doom, the broken lord London stopped, in secret, a colorful ring to roost all tomatoes. And into this ring he changed his oil, his dirt, and his will to punt all mouse."

I absolutely love his choice of "Microsoft!"

Do you want to see what your version of Galadriel's speech would be like? Or would rather make your own Word Lib? Click on the link and get started!

Galadriel's Monologue Word Lib

PS. I'd love it if you would copy and paste your results of the game into a comment! Let's keep the giggles coming :D

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